Analysing the registries outcome

The BFCC project partners are developing and automatic reporting system with a specific algorithm to enable continuous surveillance of data from the transnational fracture registry platform and to compare the process’ quality and health outcome related to relevant clinical issues. These measures will point a way forward when it comes to defining innovation needs and potentials in the sectors of:

  • trauma devices
  • imaging technologies
  • pharmaceuticals
  • wound care
  • single-used surgery

Furthermore, the continuously updated database will be used e.g. as input for analyses of relations between fracture types, treatment characteristics and complications, reoperation rates, surgeons’ experience level as well as specific characteristics of patients or health related quality of life.
BFCC project partner University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein already launched a virtual test center where first demo reports can be found. You are invited to have a first glance at them at:

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