Preventing infections in fracture treatment

What are the causes for infections? What are the right approaches to develop infection control solutions and demonstrating innovation gaps? To tackle these questions, the BFCC project carried out a demonstration pilot with partners from clinic and industry in the research area of infections after fractions. During the BFCC project lifetime, pilot leader Šarūnas Tarasevičius from the Lithuanian University of Health Science analysed the long-term release of vancomycin from the biphasic injectable ceramic bone substitute CERAMENT™|V developed by BFCC partner BONESUPPORT AB, Sweden. The hypothesis of the pilot study was that there would be high local vancomycin concentrations during the first week with safe low systemic trough levels and a complete antibiotic release during the first month.
Learn more about the pilot study’s results and read the full article ‘Vancomycin elution from a biphasic ceramic bone substitute’ at:
For a quick overview, you can find the abstract of the pilot study on infections here:

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