Infection control: solutions for a better healing process

The implant-related ‘Infection Control Solution Concept’ aims to identify systemically causes for infections during the fracture management process in hospitals. It is part of the BFCC's pilot on infections supported by hospitals from Germany, Poland and Lithuania participating in the project.

On basis of the results of a prior conducted survey among these hospitals, the BFCC project partners were able to identify similarities and differences in the treatment processes of complex fractures.

The comparison of data led for example to the conclusion that there are no standardised guidelines and protocols on infection management which might be useful to reduce infections. Additionally, a pilot study revealed that a plain ceramic bone substitute may be also helpful in preventing and treating bone infections.

Surveys, detailed documentations of clinical cases and the realisation of pilot studies help to optimise hospital management processes and to uncover innovation gaps and potentials. Hence, the concept contributes to the development of approaches for reducing complications and costs for both patients and hospitals.


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